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Finally, an update!!
19th May 2013
Im am very sorry that I didn't update the site for quite a while! But I added the Charming China gallery today, to show some of the best pics from South-West China (Sichuan and Yunnan provinces). This gallery will be extended with more photo's soon!
Please, check back regularly!
***Coming soon to this website: Precious Pantanal!
03rd November 2010
***NEW images are on-line NOW!!***
...of our trip to the Pantanal, Brasil
Expect Big Cats et Al., colourful birds and breathtaking scenery..
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Tree-hugger? Charming China
This gallery will show just some of the photo's we made in October/Novenber 2012 in the SW of China. We visited the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan to find the Giant Panda's and the mysterious stump-nosed monkeys who live in the mountains of mid China mountain range and the slopes of the Himalaya. These monkeys belong to the most rare monkeys on earth!

PS: The Panda photos were made in the Panda Breeding Centre of Bifengxia, Sichuan
senior citizen... Precious Pantanal
Brasil's best keeped secret is the Pantanal, a huge wetland in N-E Brasil. Packed with wildlife, including the illustrious Jaguar! Oct/Nov 2010
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